Coming Sept. 11, 2019


September 11th, 5:58-10:00pm, 2019

A mini-mararthon of artistic moments…

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4Waves: 40 Performances for the Hole, is produced and presented in collaboration with SOMArts and in celebration of its 40th anniversary.

Originally known as the 100 Performances for the Hole, and first launched as a project at the Garage Biennale, this festival was designed to showcase the essence of performance practices across diverse community. It has since then continued at SOMArts Cultural Center, at Performance Studies International 19 at Stanford University, and at Ping Pong Gallery in Guangzhou.

Over the years between 2009 and today, 100 Performances for the Hole: a Marathon of Artistic Moments made a home for itself at SOMArts. The festival drew local artists and those coming from across the nation and some internationally to perform. The structure is simple. Each performer is given 1 minute to set up, 2 minutes to perform, and 1 to clean up, or 4 minutes to do as they like. It is fast and furious and human and a one-of-a-kind look into the Bay Area’s performance art community. There are no rehearsals. Simple rules govern the festival: no hurting yourself or others and be all wrapped up in 4 minutes.

For 4Waves: 40 Performances for the hole we are creating a new iteration of the festival in which 40 artists/artist groups will be selected to participate. The event is a look into the history of performance across it many forms including conceptual performance, expanded theater, body rituals, and more. It looks at how performance has taken root and flourished around the Bay. Wave 1 is conceptualized as the 1960-1979. Wave 2 is from 1980-19909, Wave 3 is 2000-2019 and Wave four looks to 2020 and beyond.

Submission deadline is July 24th, 2019. Selected artists will receive a modest honorarium. All submissions reviewed by curatorial jury. Announcements will be made in August.


Proposals can be about, around, in reference to or against The Hole, and not limited to performances in The Hole itself. The Hole is not wheelchair accessible and may be difficult for those with accessibility needs.

The outer dimensions of The Hole are 94.5 inches width x 76.5 inches length with a 3-inch dip. The inner dimensions are 70.5 inches width x 58.5 inches length x 32.5 inches depth.

The Hole Photo Dimensions.jpg