4 waves: a living archive

4 WAVES: a living archive is a blog and event series that looks at the evolution of performance art in the Bay Area and beyond, linking the most important artists to the larger field of historic and emerging new genres. It is in collaboration with Emma Tramposh and will occur at Tttelematiccc among other locations.

The Bay Area has a long history of progressive and provocative culture. This blog is an ongoing dialogue about what were the phases and movements of the Bay Area performance art scene and how is it intersecting or influenced by larger global art communities, movements and evolutions.

In the opinion of some, there have been three distinct waves of performance art, each making an impact and spanning a certain set of years. Yet today, there is no palpable fourth wave. But perhaps this is on the horizon. Perhaps it is growing and developing and we are here to help build its momentum.

This blog focuses on identifying the key players in Bay Area performance art and in Performance art as a global movement and a genre unto itself. Through writing, images, archives, videos, photographs, and live events, 4 WAVES documents and supports these key players and movements.

This blog is a platform for sharing the masters, pioneers, artistic elders, key moments, and foundational characters of the Bay Area performance scene and beyond, as well as their “descendants” and the emerging new talents. It follows the larger ripples these artist have had throughout the world and sees where these currents are taking us into the future.

4 WAVES acts as an archive for the ephemeral, intangible, and fleeting art form known as performance art including body-based actions, conceptual art, expanded theater, pop-shamanism, relational aesthetics, engagement design, and whatever forms of creation artists call performance.